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Episode 3: Intro to Mining, Sia ASICs, VeChain DRP Plan, Hacken, and North Korea Hacking South Korean Exchanges

Steve Borosh (@424f424f) gives an introduction to mining cryptocurrencies. The hosts chat about the idea of splitting up private keys in different physical locations. News items for the week included VeChain’s first ever cryptocurrency disaster recovery plan, reports of North Korea hacking South Korean exchanges, Sia ASIC miner drama, and discussion around millions being stolen… Read more

Episode 2: Chris Gates (carnal0wnage), Blackwallet Hack, Lisk Vuln, and Cryptocurrency Mining Malware

This episode welcomes Chris Gates (AKA carnal0wnage) to the show to discuss how he got into cryptocurrency, and his new cryptocurrency project “The Great Altcoin Chase” ( Oracle WebLogic servers were being exploited to mine Monero, and Checkpoint states that Coinhive was the most prevalent malware of December, 2017. The Stellar Lumens wallet was… Read more

Episode 1: Intro to CoinSec!

  In this inaugural episode of the CoinSec Podcast each host provided a brief history of their involvement in the InfoSec industry, and how they each got into cryptocurrency. Discussions were had around the latest vulnerabilities in the crypto space. Critical Electrum & Parity wallet vulns were discovered. had a critical vulnerability specifically related… Read more