What is the CoinSec Podcast?

The CoinSec Podcast is a show about cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies with a focus on securing them. Each of the hosts are hackers that perform a broad spectrum of offensive security assessments. They will be bringing their unique perspectives to the discussion around blockchain vulnerabilities and other security concerns. Weekly crypto-security news is broken down each episode along with analysis of the technologies behind DeFi, wallets, mining, smart contracts, layer 1 blockchain issues, and more.

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Show Notes

Guest Interviews

Do you have epic blockchain hacks and want to show them off? Contact us to arrange an appearance on the CoinSec podcast. We are interested in having anyone who is working toward securing the blockchain industry come on the show. Offensive security engineers, smart contract auditors, developers, blockchain-related crime investigators, or just hackers in general are ideal guests. We are not looking for guests to shill a token or product. Anyone looking to pitch a product will not be accepted as a guest.

To inquire about becoming a guest please send an email to info {at} coinsecpodcast {dot} com and include a brief bio and description of what you would like to bring to the show.

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