Episode 19: Hack Miami Interviews, Bitcoin Gold Double Spend Attack, Verge Hacked, & Sentinel Protocol ICO

On this week’s episode we discuss the Bitcoin Gold double spend attack. Verge, Taylor, and Cypherium Chain all got hacked. Coincheck is removing privacy coins, and we have interviews from Hack Miami. Also, we talked about the Sentinel Protocol ICO. Show Notes: http://coinsecpodcast.com/episode-19-show-notes/ Honk Kong by Taseh is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. Based on a… Read more

Episode 18: Bad Ideas

This week we didn’t have much of an agenda but we chatted a lot about some of the potential innovations attackers could make in terms of malware and had some other really really bad ideas.  Show notes: https://coinsecpodcast.com/episode-18-show-notes Honk Kong by Taseh is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. Based on a work at https://taseh.bandcamp.com/ Business… Read more

Episode 15: Special Guest Troy Mursch AKA “Bad Packets”, BatchOverflow, Route53 BGP Hijack, and a New Vulnerability in Equihash Mining Pools

Special guest Troy Mursch AKA “@bad_packets” is a researcher who specializes in cryptojacking, botnets, and more. We discuss his experience with the latest trends in cryptojacking. Also, a new vulnerability was discovered in some Equihash mining pools. A new smart contract vulnerability called BatchOverflow was discovered. We also discuss the Route53 BGP hijack that happened… Read more

Episode 14: Special Guests Maurelian and Bernhard from ConsenSys

In episode 14 we are joined by Maurelian and Bernhard from ConsenSys. They brought their knowledge around smart contract security to the show. Bernhard recently published a paper titled “Smashing Ethereum Smart Contracts for Fun and Real Profit” that introduces a security analysis tool for Ethereum smart contracts called “Mythril”. Discussion around auditing smart contracts… Read more

Episode 13: Top 10 Smart Contract Vulns (DASP), Flaw in Zerocoin, ACINQ Losing Their Code Signing Key, & $3.3 Million in Bitcoin Stolen from CoinSecure

A cryptographic flaw was found in Zerocoin. Hosts discuss the top 10 smart contract vulnerabilities as detailed in the Decentralized Application Security Project (DASP). ACINQ lost their code signing key forcing them to push a new Android app. $3.3 million worth of Bitcoin was allegedly stolen from the CoinSecure exchange. Honk Kong by Taseh is… Read more

Episode 12: Special Guest Sneakerhax, Wallet Software Security, Android App Mining Malware, and Verge Hacked

In episode #12 we welcome special guest Sneakerhax to the CoinSec Podcast! We discuss some of the security issues around cryptocurrency wallet software. Malicious coin-miners have been found embedded into semi-legitimate Android applications. Lastly, we discuss Verge cryptocurrency being hacked. Honk Kong by Taseh is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike License. Based on a work at… Read more

Episode 11: Cryptocurrency Hidden in Artwork, Atlanta Ransomware, Drupalgeddon 2.0, and Fileless Crypto-Malware

This week on the CoinSec Podcast Brian Krebs investigates who and what Coinhive is. The city of Atlanta is fighting a ransomware attack. Drupalgeddon 2.0 is happening as a new RCE has surfaced. Fileless crypto-mining malware has surfaced. All that and more on CoinSec Ep. 11. Honk Kong by Taseh is licensed under a Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike… Read more